How do I wash the car after apply Atomic Coat?
You can wash as you normally would. You'll find that you may not need to wash as frequently or with car shampoo all the time, but you can if you want to, preferably with PH neutral shampoo. You'll find that a surface treated with Atomic Coat will clean off easier with only water than an untreated surface.

Does my car need to be clean first or can it be used on dirty surfaces?
It is recommended to wash/clean your car before applying Atomic Coat. This will ensure that Atomic Coat is able to bond properly to the surface for better glossiness, colour depth and hydrophobicity.

How many cars will a bottle do?
On the average sized vehicle, you should be able to get 2-3 full exterior applications out of 150ml depending on each individual's usage as some people use more, and some people use less. Multiple applications can be done within the first 24 hours to build a stronger
protective "layer" on the vehicle. Of course, that's your choice. Spraying onto the microfiber towel first and applying that way will conserve the amount you use.

How long do the shine and protection last?
Atomic Coat's effects in glossiness, protection, and hydrophobicity will last for up to 6 months under normal driving conditions with frequent maintenance wash. During this time, Atomic Coat will help make cleaning faster and easier as dirt and grime won't get embedded as much compared to unprotected surface.

Does Atomic Coat leave any streaking or residue?
Atomic Coat will leave no streaking or residue at all if applied correctly. Reports of such occurance are very rare. Typically if matter like this arises, it's due to either too much product being used, not buffing correctly, or applying on a very hot surface.

Can Atomic Coat be applied in direct sunlight?
It is not recommended to apply Atomic Coat in direct sunlight as this might lead to hazing due to the product dried up too fast on hot surface. Best to apply indoor, under a shade or in the morning's cool weather.

Does Atomic Coat work on glass surfaces?
Unfortunately, Atomic Coat is specially designed and formulated for vehicle's exterior painted surface and plastic trim for maximum colour depth, glossiness and protection.
However, you can use our Atomic Rain Guard on all glass surface for excellent water-repellent and superhydrophobic effect with improved vision during rain.

Does Atomic Coat protect from UV rays and UV damage?
Yes, it does. However, if the surface already have existing oxidation and sun damage, Atomic Coat cannot reverse or repair that damage but will help to protect from future issues. Some customers have noticed results for reversing such damage but it is not a claim we make.

Does Atomic Coat remove surface scratches, and swirls in the paint?
Atomic Coat will help fill in fine scratches and swirls to a certain degree and will help reduce the appearance by masking them. However, it will not have the same effect on deep surface scratches and swirls. There is no spray-on product that can claim to do that
with deep scratches.

Does Atomic Coat remove bird drops, bugs and bee pollen?
Yes, Atomic Coat will remove bird drops, bugs and bee pollen that stuck on vehicle surface. A few applications might be needed for stubborn bird drops, bugs and bee pollen. Cleaning of such stains is never been easier on surface that has been coated with Atomic

Can Atomic Coat be applied to a car that has been waxed before?
Yes, it/you can, but it is not the best way to get the very best results from Atomic Coat, since Atomic Coat is a silica based product. We always recommend applying on as clean and BARE of a surface as possible on first application. So stripping previous waxes and
sealants is recommended.

Can Atomic Coat be applied to a car that has a ceramic coating on it?
Yes, absolutely. Atomic Coat will act as additional protective layer on top of the existing ceramic coating. Since ceramic and Atomic Coat shares many of the same chemical properties, it will further help to rebuild and protect ceramic over time.

Can I use Atomic Rain Guard without cleaning the glass surface?
It is not advisable to do so. There are many contaminated particles adhered to the glass surface that will affect the bonding between glass surface and Atomic Rain Guard.

Can I clean the glass surface by just using normal car shampoo?
Yes, you can but Atomic Cleanse is strongly recommended as it is waterless, PH neutral, quick dry, aromatic and deep cleaning solutions which can remove dirt and stain. Therefore, cleaning with Atomic Cleanse before applying Atomic Rain Guard on glass surface will definitely

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